What is TeroTAM?

TeroTAM is a very renowned software which used to maintain and upkeep the software related to hospitals, production, gaming, E-Commerce and many more. The products of TeroTAM are always been produced after doing an in-depth market survey. This management and tracking system has the capability to make a smooth workflow with facility management, tracking calibration, equipment support and also compliance. It is a total asset management software.

The experts utilize their creativity and talent to improve the quality of the software day by day.

This software technology expert group has 10 years of experience which helps them a lot to maintain the standard of excellence. Their unique strategies have created the path of leadership in the software industry.

The TeroTAM upkeep tool can be customized for specific organization requirements. Its classy system allows to configure the specific needs and that also can be re-adjustable. TeroTAM software is user-friendly and all information is just a click away.

TeroTAM software has a number of solutions to process their work efficiently.

Asset Management Solution

TeroTAM is an ideal asset management software. It is flexible and customized for the related business. It has numerous qualities to maintain a good reputation for years.

  • This management software can keep track and manage the maintenance appropriately.
  • The software has the ability to control the process of management, providing support to the equipment, tracking the measurement values and obeying the customers’ orders.
  • The asset management solution of TeroTAM can arrange the specific requirements and adjust the work process according to the clients’ requirements.

This software enhances the talent of the technician service by providing warranties, satisfying the customers. The assets and parts of the inventory management software can recover the related issues with excellence. The software can keep the details and track the service history, serial and model numbers of the products.

Facility Management Solutions

The facility management solutions empower the company to find out the solutions. The team helps the management to solve the problems of the workplace effectively. The intuitive dashboard and functions can be used like drag and drop. It analyzes the specific team managers who are able to plan and manage the individual projects efficiently and with great accuracy.

Like TeroTAM Upkeep software, CMMS software is also a wonderful application in the maintenance of the machines in the software industry. It also works efficiently. The maintenance department of TeroTAM assemble the orders and the administrators will also get the notification when the work orders get completed.

The facility management has a list of work which they follow orderly to complete an assignment.

  • First, they create and approve the work orders.
  • Then they add action items to work on the assignment and create a checklist for maintenance of the vital equipment.
  • Then they send a purchase order to the clients via vendors.
  • Then they list the run reports of the performance.
  • They keep tracking the current status of the assets over time.

Customer Management Solution

This is one of the vital issues to be dealt with extra care. The communication with customers and provide solutions is a vital matter to take care of. Any company should focus on this matter. This is the key feature to grow the business further with a good reputation. TeroTAM software has a collection of authentic information. They frequently visit their clients and keep track of their feedback.


Issue Tracking Solution

TeroTAM has a complaint tracking system to improve their quality of work. The earlier applications were annoying for the customers as the solutions provided by the software TeroTAM were inaccurate and full of bugs. This was very frustrating and disappointing for the clients.

TeroTAM has the capability to solve this problem very easily and with superb accuracy. It provides the best service to recover the issues. It uses their complaint management software which helps the team to streamline and make an order of the issues for offering the resolution as early as possible to the clients.

TeroTAM software has some awesome features which make them one of the best software companies.

Mobile Support on Only One Touch

The team TeroTAM has created an easy process to get a connection with their valuable customers. They have created a Website and a mobile application, where the customers can have all the solutions and information regarding the software and the company. The application is very easy to use.

Real-Time Communication

TeroTAM has a great enthusiastic team who controls all the required services and facilities provided to the customers. The entire team always tracks the enlisted issues through real-time communication with each other and proceed accordingly on a solution without errors.

Web-Based Connected Policy

On the official web portal of TeroTAM, all of the solutions and features are connected. So, the customers’ enlisted assets can be easily controlled and tracked by the efficient team of TeroTAM.

Real-Time Complaint Tracking with Maintenance

The clients can track all of their complaints status in real-time and the course of action of the management is designed to work according to authoritarian needs.

The quality of the software allows creating an automatic complaint in a clear case file. So that the enlisted complaints can be searched as records. This is a great help to keep track of the frequent complaints and the team then able to focus on that matter.


Less Paperwork

The team TeroTAM also thinks of the environment. So they use less paper for their official work. The cloud-based infrastructure is effortless to use and the entire work is computerized with a strong backup.

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