The growing world has growing needs. As demand increases, every field needs to be systematic in its management, and the same thing applies to Hospital and Pharmacy management. In recent times, due to an unusual hike in demand for hospital amenities, hospitals are forced to think How to Modernize their Hospital Management system with well-designed software.

Pharmacies are a vital part of major Hospitals and need to be as systematic as hospitals. Hospital Pharmacy sections and individual Pharmacy stores realized the need for dedicated software that helps manage everything easily.

Why do Pharmacies need to Integrate with Hospital Management Software?

Medical treatment is not only about clinical diagnosis and prescription; medication plays a vital role in a patient’s treatment. Normally, patients buy their prescribed medicines from their known and nearby pharmacy stores, but sometimes doing so can have variations in medications due to ignorance or mistakes by pharmacists.

Knowing the patient’s Medical history, Treatment history, and Doctor’s diagnosis is a must for a pharmacy store to sell the medications. That’s the reason most of the Hospitals have their own pharmacy stores to avoid such mishaps. Also, this becomes very convenient for patients to get everything from a single place.

But, the major challenge is to manage such a big pharmacy section for a huge number of patients with an accurate history of each patient. That’s why Pharmacies need to integrate with Hospital Management Softwares to get each and every detail on a centralized platform before giving medication to patients.

7 Major Pharmacy Management Features:

Customized Reports

Pharmacies need customized reports showing all In & Out for a specific time period. Even Pharmacies may need patient-wise customized medication reports.


E-prescription makes the process easier for pharmacies to get the information about the prescribed medication before patients reach them and is very useful for record-keeping.

Inventory and Stock Management

Pharmacies can’t afford stock out position, and that is why they need to have a proper Inventory tracking and management system to keep all the medical items and equipment available as and when prescribed.

Vendor Management

Whenever Pharmacies need to order stocks, they need the delivery on an urgent basis where they can’t afford the research for vendors. Each Vendor is important for them; hence ask for a Vendor Management system for Uninterrupted and Faster supply.

SMS Alert and Notification

SMS alerts and Notifications to the Pharmacy section and the patient make the process easier and avoid negligence issues.

Multi Locational Store Management

If pharmacies operate multiple locations, they all need to be centralized to manage everything.

Centralized User Management

All the access to each person in the pharmacy can be dangerous sometimes. Pharmacies have to be cautious about the accessibility of users. That’s the reason they need a centralized user management system.

How does TeroTAM’s Hospital Management Solution can help to upkeep Pharmacy Management?

Total Asset Management

TeroTAM’s Hospital Preventive Maintenance & Management solution offers a feature-rich system using which pharmacies can manage their all assets from a single dashboard.

Inventory Tracking and Management with QR code

As Inventory is a crucial part of Pharmacy Management, using TeroTAM software, pharmacies can assign dedicated QR codes to each inventory item to track it easily with a smartphone or a web-based platform.

Vendor Management

TeroTAM’s Hospital Management solution has a dedicated Vendor management section where pharmacies can add all their vendors based on different items they supply or distribute. Each and every transaction and vendor details can be stored and extracted as and when needed.

Location Management

With TeroTAM, Pharmacies can manage all the multi-location stores centrally with a pre-designed system and can manage each store equally from a central location.

User Access Management

With TeroTAM Software, pharmacies can create all needed users with the needed level of access only, assign them tasks, manage and track the progress of their tasks.

Centralized Internal Communication platform

Sometimes communication between diagnostic centers, Doctors and Pharmacies is needed, and also internal communication is required between multiple location stores for passing information and updates. TeroTAM has an internal chat system which can be a centralized communication system in such situations.

E-prescription – Diagnostic center to Pharmacy

With an E-prescription system, the doctor can directly send the E-prescription to the pharmacy to keep the medication ready when the patient reaches or can make it as soon as possible.

Alerts and Notification

By sending alerts and notifications, the Pharmacy can update patients when their Medication items are ready and send the E-invoice to them also for their record purpose. Also, they can share the medication instruction and timings, how and when they are supposed to take the medicines.

Online Bill Management System

Managing the billing system online keeps everything systematic and helps keep all the records safe for future purposes, and makes the audits easy and paperless. TeroTAM’s Hospital management system offers both E-prescription as well as Online billing with an Online payment system.

Concluding Notes

Centralized Automated Pharmacy management systems can keep your pharmacies up to date and well managed, which in return shares the delightful customer experience. To know more about how TeroTAM’s Hospital Management software can help upkeep pharmacies, write us at and schedule your demo with our team of experts.

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