Advanced and Ultra-modern Industry solutions such as IIoT, Machine Learning, and Cloud have begun to disrupt production, and industry experts have begun to realise the full potential of future digital transformation services, technologies, and services to create more at lower costs and faster. For the industrial industry, digital transformation (or working with a branded IoT-powered solution provider company) is no longer a choice, but a must.

IoT sensors are already aplenty in smart homes and smart buildings, typically installed in equipment or monitoring conditions from a vantage point such as the ceiling. However, thanks to the advancement of IoT technology, even floors can now be smart.

It’s extremely probable that you’ve previously walked on a smart floor. Perhaps your children have played the dance arcade game Dance Dance Revolution, or you’ve walked across a smart floor in a shoe store to have a gait analysis performed. Heated flooring, which is common in cool-climate houses, aren’t considered “smart” if they’re managed manually or by a timer, but it’d be if they could detect temperature changes and start offering you smart inputs with smarter monitoring data analytics.

What Are Smart Floors and How Do They Work?

Smart floors are often programmed with a very thin layer of IoT sensors and are created and manufactured according to their application. The sensors send data to a central data repository via protocols ranging from radio signals to a high-speed communication network, which can compile and evaluate the signals from the entire smart floor and decide on smart actions in different areas of your business.

What IoT-based Floor Tracking Meter can do for your Business?

On the production floor, IoT-based smart floor tracking could be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Health and Safety

Smart flooring can detect employee weariness and determine when someone trips or has an accident thanks to gait analysis.
Health and Safety TeroTAM


By heating or cooling in reaction to the temperature, smart floors can become an important part of your facility’s temperature control system. Floors might potentially change colour to correspond to the time of day and the circadian cycles of the employees.

Power Generation

Smart flooring can be utilised to generate a little amount of electricity each time they are walked on, potentially lowering energy costs. In an emergency, this capability might also be employed to give lighting.

A luxurious and more comfortable indoor space with switching TeroTAM loT

Cleaning Capabilities

Floors can clean the air by collecting fine particles and also self-clean, reducing the requirement for facility cleaning.

Track Steps

Smart flooring might aid building managers in identifying high-traffic areas, while steps could be measured as part of a workplace wellness initiative and even gamified to encourage employees to walk around more.

Weight Monitoring

Smart flooring could potentially render industrial scales obsolete by tracking the weight of equipment or manufactured products.

Smart Security Check

Smart flooring could eliminate the need for a security touchpad by detecting whether a person walking across them is permitted or banned in a given area.
Smart Security Check TeroTAM

How IoT-based Floor Tracking Meter can make your Business Smarter?

Data-Driven Planning and Decision Making

It is now easier and faster to collect and handle vast amounts of manufacturing data through the cloud, not just in a single facility, but across numerous production sites, thanks to IoT-powered floor tracking technologies. Companies will obtain superior insights when integrated with analytics, allowing them to optimise plant operations, decrease defects, and execute preventative maintenance.

Data Analytics and Foresight Preventive Maintenance

In the event of a machine failure, most manufacturing floors have procedures in place to divert production. However, there would be a link between downtime and revenue/profitability. It is feasible to forecast and avert catastrophic failure on large-scale plant floor equipment, such as boilers or compressors, using sensors, IoT, and analytics.
Data Analytics and Foresight Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance solutions can now properly determine the root cause of problems by merging IoT-based Floor tracking equipment, machine learning, and analytics capabilities, allowing clients to avoid wasteful plant floor shutdowns due to fake warnings.

Reliability and Optimization

A smart floor tracking meter with IoT sensors may increase yield, uptime, and quality, as well as minimise expenses and waste, thanks to automated workflows, asset synchronisation, improved tracking and scheduling, and optimal energy use. The nominal manual intervention improves the reliability of the system. Remote equipment management, which includes setting particular limits and settings, can save a lot of money and energy.

Insight into the Business World

Using the IoT-based Floor tracking solution, Organisations may not only radically modify manufacturing processes, but also improve relationships with suppliers and consumers, by connecting shop floor choices and insights with the rest of the supply chain, sales & marketing, and the larger corporation through the IoT ecosystem.
Insight into the Business World
Is your working floor really smart? Are you able to use floor tracking statistics to track the efficiency of your employees and machines? If not, get started with our IoT-based Floor Tracking system and use smart floors to take your business to the next level. Connect with our experts today at to learn more about how to take your business to the next level.

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