A business operation can not be run smoothly and successfully unless they have the right set of facilities available at the right time in their best of conditions which can do profitable value addition in their business process. Facilities are those assets, equipment, machines and business operations areas where it is performed.

Only availability of facilities doesn’t make the difference. The facilities are supposed to be maintained properly to take into use which can contribute their level best to produce the best of the output. But maintaining these facilities is a tough challenge every firm is facing especially in the case of big size firms where the number of facilities and assets are plenty.

Major Functions Facilities Management:

Infrastructure Management:

Infrastructure management deals with work-space management, business operation premises, leased space and locations, stores and supplies spaces, safety and security of all the business work locations and premises, including the machinery, equipment, and furniture it has installed to make them a more vibrant location to perform the tasks better.

People and Organization Management:

People and organization management deals with all human resources that belong to every department in the organization like marketing, purchase, communication, etc. It also covers the suppliers and vendor management which helps the business operation keep on track.

How can TeroTAM CMMS software energize your Facility Management?

Easy to operate Centralized Interface:

With a Cloud-based platform, CMMS software allows you to manage all your assets and related facility management tasks from the same platform. There is no need to manage separate platforms nor to manage manual records.

Manages multiple locations Centrally:

With its Cloud network, you can manage all your assets and facilities from a single centralized office, respective where they are located. It will ease the process of those businesses that are operating at more than one geographic location.

Customized Approach as per business needs:

Every business has its own needs and procedures to follow. With TeroTAM you can customize your facility management as per your business needs.

Well planned and Implemented Preemptive Maintenance:

A well-designed CMMS software like TeroTAM keeps you updated with all the information related to your assets and facilities that helps you to manage them in advance and keep it ready before their actual maintenance is needed. This helps you to practice Preemptive maintenance within your organization.

Mobile control:

It can be used from any handy device like smartphones to track and control your assets and facilities anytime and from anywhere.

Super Easy Asset Tracking with QR codes:

With the Unique feature of asset tracking with QR code, it makes your information gathering and tracking so easy and reduces lots of laboursome tasks, and manages it in a paperless manner.

Overall improved productivity:

With all these benefits and other features like task management, internal communication with a centralized chat option, workspace management, sanitization management, etc., it helps you to take productivity to the next level.

All you need is to just choose the right Facility management software like TeroTAM and get started today. To know more write us at contact@terotam.com and schedule your demo now.

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