Managing government facilities shares many fundamental similarities with managing commercial facilities. The primary areas of focus are largely the same, despite variances in how other components of the institution function and expectations. For this reason, an increasing number of municipal building managers are using software for government facility management to keep an eye on facility operations.

Government Maintenance software offers a top-down view of buildings and everything they interact with within the same manner that commercial facilities management software does. Government organizations can gain insight into the key areas to concentrate on to run a building that is effective, warm, sustainable, and economical by using facility management software.

Common Facility Management Challenges for Government Organizations

1. Lack of Availability and Access to Facility Information

Older or paper-based procedures frequently result in inadequate or no access to reliable facility information, which slows down operations and adds unnecessary effort. Government facility managers are unable to access the necessary facility data due to this lack of knowledge. They also lack a clear understanding of operations and other crucial data required to support logical and data-driven decision-making. This can therefore lead to more mistakes that are easily avoidable, possibly poor decisions, and an increase in liability risk.

2. Poor Facility Compliance

Complex compliance activities that take an excessive amount of time to complete are a problem that many government agencies deal with. Manual reporting and compliance procedures typically restrict the ability of some offices to function in other areas. Government institutions also lack defined policies and procedures for locating and resolving errors. This may lead to a less effective workforce and raise the possibility of mistakes and omissions.

3. Lack of Multi-Location Asset Tracking

Incredibly diverse areas, including courthouses, park shelters, wastewater treatment facilities, and more, are under the control of local governments. These facilities are all distinct and serve quite diverse functions. It’s difficult to keep track of rooms and equipment in numerous buildings, especially if you’re relying on your memory or stale lists.

4. Maintaining Sustainable Workplace

Supply chain activities frequently negatively influence the environment, and their implications on climate change are currently the topic of a contentious dispute. Some worries moving cargo by land, sea, and air releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. But choosing environmental methods and dumping the current ones can cost government agencies a lot of money.

5. Space Management

The architecture of government offices and organizations varies greatly. Compare the ease of use of a police station in a suburb to the intricacy of a courthouse in a big city. Despite the vast differences in size and complexity, each sector needs the same rigorous monitoring.

6. Perpetual Damage Control

To succeed, facility management professionals in government organizations must always be at the top of their game. As Facility Management Officers, they require an effective plan for damage control and prevention. Without it, they run the risk of having to deal with a variety of damage control tasks every working day. They will frequently receive urgent calls requiring them to decide on a course of action and how to prioritize duties immediately.

How can Facility Management Software be the Solution?

1. Enhance Information Storage and Sharing

Facilities management software should be able to make information accessible online from anywhere to address the issue of lack of access to critical information. However, only those with permission should be granted access. To restrict what different management levels may access, there can be different access levels. Additionally, this software can facilitate the exchange of information between multiple components and enable third parties to view and access information as necessary.

2. Adhere to Compliance

Many government offices use facility management software to manage compliance records and procedures rather than relying on antiquated practices that are nearly entirely paperless. Paperless offices give improved access and insight, reduce the risk of information loss, have more manageable and effective compliance procedures, and free up more time and resources for the business.

3. Asset Location Tracking

Assets in governmental organizations can be mapped to digital floor plans using the best government software, Facility Management software. You may trace the location of whatever asset you desire, including electrical panels, light fixtures, power generators, water fountains, and even trash cans.

On the digital floor plan, colored pins show where the assets are located. Identifying your assets and their exact locations in each place is simple. Government organizations can accurately store and manage their government inventories, plan and practice efficient routes for routine maintenance, cleaning, and inspections, and show a maintenance officer or outside contractor exactly where to find a particular asset across multiple locations using facility software management.

4. Seamless Space Management

Making the most of limited space is essential for smaller, simpler buildings. The goal is to meet the requirements and aspirations of a wide range of people in larger, more varied buildings. From disaster preparedness planning to room booking and space bookings, facility management software helps on all fronts and fills in all of the gaps.

5. Diversified Damage Control

A government institution has to hire facilities management officers to operate effectively, reduce damage-related costs, and concentrate on key administrative tasks. To save costs and increase efficiency, facility management officers in government buildings can professionally monitor the facility’s condition as well as the organization’s resources.

6. Exquisite Energy Management

Governments must take the lead in our movement toward a greener future. Facility management software offers a top-down perspective for managing building sustainability, from new LEED Certified government complexes to older buildings with sustainability programs in place. Additionally, there are many opportunities to transform government buildings into environmental sustainability stewards when combined with BIM data.

Facility software can provide insights on green improvement projects, track sustainable benchmarks, and more in this area. It can also help monitor energy usage and expenditures. The most crucial thing to remember is that it quantifies the data, enabling government facility managers to contextualize and make public reports on these numbers.

7. Upgraded Work Order Management

You can monitor maintenance activities across all of your buildings using FM software. Verify the completion of work orders. Additionally, identify potential issues before they spiral out of control.

Preventive maintenance task scheduling can be automated with the maintenance management system. Additionally, it provides your technicians with immediate access to any asset data and PM methods they might require while working on-site. Further, FM software ensures that your staff completes all tasks that have been given to them.

8. Persuasive Knowledge Sharing

FM software is a storehouse for all your facility’s data, including notes on how to use the water filters and gas station or microwaves in the pantry and the location of that one difficult-to-find item. Everyone on the team has access to all the necessary data from their mobile devices because it is entirely digital.

Facility Maintenance Management software should have all of the government facilities’ data to avoid work building up when any government official from the team is on vacation. The surviving team members can rapidly take over a departing official’s job responsibilities. Additionally, utilizing technology like Facility management software increases the appeal of joining the specific maintenance team to potential new government officials.

TeroTAM Can Help You Expand Your Government Facility Management

Even simple adjustments like installing new software can be complex in a government building. Security is paramount, with improved cybersecurity measures. Fortunately, our staff has gained valuable experience dealing with government agencies of various sizes, collaborating with other firms that focus on the government, and gaining certifications to make sure we stay current with any changes in the field. If your team is prepared to move forward with the implementation of a cutting-edge facility management solution, we will support you at every stage of the procedure.

To learn more about how TeroTAM’s Facility Management software can help to systematize facility management in government sectors, email us at  If you are ready to see our solution in action, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!

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